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Welcome to MiMi – AI engines for site.

All-in-one AI solution for any WordPress site. The MiMi – AI engines for site plugin provides the latest AI technologies for your website including AI search (semantic search), AI chatbot, product recommendations, dynamic pricing, automated workflows, and much more.

Major features in MiMi – AI engines for site include:

  • 🔍 AI search (semantic search): MiMi redefines the search experience by replacing the standard search box with semantic search capabilities by using Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies.
  • 💬 AI chatbot: The MiMi AI engines can automatically learn & update knowledge from your site to provide an AI chatbot. So, the site can answer questions from visitors automatically.
  • 📦 Product recommendations: This feature works well with WooCommerce. The MiMi machine learning algorithms can learn from your site products and visitors’ behavior to bring recommender systems to your site.
  • 🤖 Virtual Assistants: Empower your website with intelligent assistants in customer services, sales, and marketing optimization through the advanced AI capabilities of MiMi.
  • 🏷️ Dynamic Pricing: MiMi’s AI algorithm serves as a virtual sales assistant, assisting websites in making flexible and tailored pricing decisions for each customer based on their behavior.
  • ✅ Automations: Eliminate manual tasks. MiMi empowers website owners to establish automated workflows for customer service, marketing, sales, and various other activities.

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